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Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

At the Human Rights Campaign, diversity and inclusion have been embedded in our mission since we were founded in 1980.  In the last several years, however, we have given diversity and inclusion a greater commitment by providing staff and resources to cultivate and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment at every level of the organization – from our staff to our volunteer force of thousands and our membership of more than a million. 

One of the examples of HRC’s commitment to diversity is our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Thus far, staff have established 5 ERGs. Below is a list of our current ERGs:


Feminists Uniting Now (FUN) ERG
Time/Date: 1st Thursday of the month, 12:30-1:30PM

People of Color + Allies (POC+A) ERG
Time/Date: Every other Tuesday, 12:00-1:00PM

Transgender, Ally, & Gender-Expansive Staff (TAGS) ERG
Time/Date: Every other Wednesday, 1:00-2:00PM

Remote Employees ERG
Time/Date: 3rd Wednesday of the month, 12:00-1:00PM 

Bi/Queer/Pan/Fluid ERG
Time/Date: Every other Thursday; 12:00-1:00PM


All employees are welcome to attend and participate in any of the ERGs!